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QHSE Policy


QHSE Policy

AZ Engineers develop their activities in the industrial engineering, construction and maintenance market and infrastructures, industry, transport, services, and communication sectors. AZ Engineers provides global solutions to the satisfaction of its customers, who identify the company by the high level of quality and service offered. These solutions allow value to be created for ‘shareholders and employees, ensuring its international and future projection and the profitability of its investments. AZ Engineers aims to be an international benchmark in industrial engineering and construction and for high added value infrastructures that contribute to sustainable development.

This approach is based on the following’s principles:

  • Identify, assess, prioritize, and minimize the risks associated to the developed activities and to the workplaces where they are carried out, to prevent damage and health problems, as well as ensure the regular monitoring of the workers’ health based on those risks.

  • Comply with the legal and statutory regulations in force and other requirements applicable to the products, activities and/ or services developed, as well as the requirements of the standards ISO QMS 9001:2015 and Occupational Health & Safety Management System ISO 45001:2018.

  • Integrate continuous improvement into strategy, to move towards excellence, through a management system focused on processes and subject to periodic revisions, planning the human resources and material through objective programs and integrating the suppliers based on the principle of collaboration and mutual benefit.

  • Integrate environmental management and the concept of sustainable development into strategy, utilizing environmental criteria in the planning and decision making and ensuring an appropriate balance between the respect for environment, the promotion of progress and social welfare and the economic interests.
  • Achieve active and responsible involvement of the employees, by providing suitable training that facilitates their work and fosters their promoting the acknowledgement of achievements.

  • Establish efficient communication, information, consultation, and participation channels with the interested parties to get to know their needs and expectations, and thereby build up stable and long-lasting relationships, especially with our customers.
  • Encourage teamwork, commitment, innovation, and environmental awareness in all aspects of health and safety and the environmental management, sharing of relevant information vital for improving the level of quality and the environmental and health and safety performance.

  • Prevent harmful environmental impacts, optimizing the use of energy resources and raw materials and supporting, when possible, the designs that improve the energy performance as well as the acquisition of energy efficient products.

Syed Azhar Ali