HSE Policy


We ensure that all work is planned safely and all the necessary actions are taken appropriately to promote good health, prevent injuries and ill health or any adverse effects to employees and other individuals who may be affected by our activities.

The Management holds the overall responsibility for health and safety management and giving it an equal priority along with other business attributes. To support this, adequate resources is provided to all the employees.

However, it is the responsibility of all to understand their role in implementing this policy and comply with all requirements. Disagrees or willful violations of this policy by employees at any level may be considered as a cause for disciplinary action.

The organization strives to improve the Health & Safety Management and performance through establishing, implementing & continuously monitoring risk assessment, work permits, safe working procedures, Emergency response plan, housekeeping, waste management and pollution control.
We set objectives and targets, to create standards.

AZ Engineers & Partners LLC is committed to a policy of safe working conditions and practices, for all persons employed in full compliance with contractual, relevant local federal laws, local statutory requirements and industry standards.