Name of Project & Description Project Duration
Quriyat Sur Road-Oman Bridges, 08 Underpass, Barrier, Rip Rap
* Main Contractor: STFA-POLAT JV
(July,2004 – July,2007)
Sur City 2 Nos Bridges -Oman
*Main Contractor: STFA-POLAT JV
(April,2008 –Nov,2009)
Construction of Voided Slab Bridges at A’ NAAMAN at Batinah Highway
Junctions’ Up gradation Project-Oman

*Main Contractor: CCC
( Nov 2012 – Jan 2013 )
Batinah Coastal Highway Section-1 Oman
*Box Girder Interchange Bridges at AL-Naseem Interchange (0+000 km)
* Main Contractor: MAKYOL
(June 2010 – June 2014)
Construction of Barka Shopping Mall Flyover Bridge over Batinah Highway near

*Main Contractor: M/s BECSA
(April 2014 – Mar 2015)
Construction of Box Girder Bridge Superstructure works at Al -Murtafa Street

*Main Contractor: M/s Khalid Bin Ahmed & Sons LLC
(Nov 2014 – Feb 2015)
Construction of Box Girder Bridges in Muscat-Oman
* Main Contractor: SOARES DA COSTA-OUEC JV
(Nov, 2012 – May 2015)
Construction of Super Structures for Box Girder Airport Interchange Bridges in

* Main Contractor: M/s Oman Building & Cont. Co. LLC.
(March, 2014 – Jul 2015)
Construction of Arch Bridges, Box Culverts & Mobilization works at Sur – Bidbid
Section-1, Package 1-B-Oman

*Main Contractor: STFA-HLG JV
(Oct, 2011 – Oct 2015)
Construction of Box Culverts, Arch-Bridges, Wadi Bridges, Retaining Walls &
Mobilization works at Sur –Bidbid Section-1, Package 1-A-Oman

*Main Contractor: ASTALDI-OZKAR JV
(Jul 2011 – Jan 2016)
Construction of Multiple Cells Box Culvert & Interchange Bridge Muscat
Expressway Muscat-Oman

*Main Contractor: M/s Oman United Engineering Services LLC
(Sep 2015 – Jan 2017)
Construction of Dual Carriage Wadi Bridge at Rustaq-Oman
* Main Contractor: M/s Kayson Al Omania LLC.
(Feb 2016 – Dec 2016)
Construction of Voided Deck Slab Dual Carriageway Bridges at Samahram
Salalah -Oman

* Main Contractor: M/s Al-Hashmi & Al-Rawas LLC.
(Jun 2016 – Jan 2017)
Construction of Underpass Bridge & Extension of Multiple Cells Box Culvert at

* Main Contractor: M/s Oman United Engineering Services Co. LLC.
(Dec 2016)
Construction of Flyover Box Girder Bridges at Salalah-Oman *02 Box Girder Bridges (Total Length of 1200 linear meters) *01 Flyover Bridge (Total Length of bridge 700 linear meters)n
* Main Contractor: Shanfari & Partners Co. LLC Oman + AZ Engineers & Partners LLC Oman
(March , 2017)